A bissel of this and a bissel of that…when did compromise become a dirty word?

I’m so stunned by the dysfunction of the Republican party and the carryover to overall governmental dysfunction, that I’m beside myself. There is a huge divide between ideology and governance.  Ideology has to do with believing in a particular viewpoint.  Governance has to do with doing what is best for the largest majority and for the country as a whole.  Tea Party pledges, right wing ideology, and an uncompromising set of beliefs are fine in theory.  They encourage discussion and debate and help to move all ideologies (right or left) closer to the center, which is where the best of government can typically be found.  But when we are in a fabricated crisis, one created by fairly new political players, at a certain point ideology has to give way to governance.  In order for any solid union to govern, both ends of the spectrum compromise on their overall beliefs to come to a resolution that all can live with.  Balance comes when both parties are equally unhappy, but the country comes out the winner.

For some reason, in this battle, the idea of compromise has become bad.  As if compromise means losing political ground, rather than as an agreed upon negotiation to a fair end.  I’m a Democrat through and through, as most of my readers are aware.  At the same time, the bulk of readership is Boomer and 50 plus and hits to entitlement programs are direct hits to us. I’m pretty sure most of us would be OK with medicare being delayed to 67 or our social security starting a year or two later with a few less dollars.  It would hurt our pocketbooks as our earnings diminish, but we’d live with it knowing that we make up about 30% of the population that needs support from these programs.  To categorically allow companies like Exxon and Chevron to boast profits of 41 and 43% when most of us can barely pay the rent or can’t find work and then say that closing those companies tax loopholes will hurt job creation is more than just hooey.  It is a slap in the face to the poor, working, middle and retired classes of America.   So to the priveleged of the tea party, those like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, or child support welsher, Joe Walsh, or any of the other newbies who can’t possibly run the greatest country, I say, it is time to re-examine what compromise means.  Do any of them ever compromise in their relationships or it is always “my way or the highway”.   Everyone in life has to compromise.  It is the way of the world.  A bissel of this and a bissel of that, as my great grandmother used to say while making a meshuggenah (crazy) sign behind my uncompromising grandmother’s back.

3 thoughts on “A bissel of this and a bissel of that…when did compromise become a dirty word?

  1. The Tea Party Representatives are refusing to allow the government to borrow funds needed to enact the laws voted on by their predecessors.

    That’s simply underhanded and Un-Democratic to its core.

    They are stymieing the democratic process and rule of law.


  2. Continuing frish’s chain: the Consumer Protection Law is being gutted by a variety of tactics and the 9/11 First Responder Health bill was shamefully constrained from treating cancer – the main consequence to those brave, unselfish citizens.

    Compromise isn’t possible when an obstructionist strategy is employed with a next-term Presidency and Congresssional dual-chamber super-majority goal.

    To paraphrase the Dodge commercial’s Joe Higgins: “Boys, We’re in a heap of trouble.”

  3. The Tea Party is determined to destroy Obama even if they destroy the country in the process. Unfortunately, the Dems have only legitimized these morons by pretending that any sane person could compromise with a group that believes compromise means doing everything their way. Of course, they are only the unwitting tools of the power elite. Yes, the elite seeks to take the country back — back to the days of the robber barons and sweat shops. No problem with old age pensions in a world where you’d be lucky to see 35.

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