A Few Other Notes to Note

1) Over the weekend keep your eyes open for a new survey focused on the 50 plus worker — I’ll have a survey link on the blog. I’d love for as many of you to participate as possible. It will only be up for a limited time, so get your voice heard quickly.
2) A report on a wonderful webconference I was privileged to take part in as well as a link to the podcast.
3) An announcement of a fantastic new resource book on financial information for all you Gen Plussers — through blogs!
4) Proud to be a Gen Plusser? Well, I know I am. And to celebrate I’ll be releasing some terrific logo’d Gen Plus must haves — for job interviews, for the office (at home or in someone’s business), in addition to the items already available in the Gen Plus Shop (
5) More updates on the venue for the Town Hall meeting in LA in mid-January.

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