A Lean, Green, Driving Machine?

I had a great chuckle the other day. As I was driving back from an appointment with a client, I saw a Prius decked out in a very sharp skin. It was a car that belonged to Drivers Ed Direct. I’d never noticed the company before, so I took a good look and it appeared that this was the newest iteration of driving school. They are touting their “green-ness” which is great, and their safety standards, which is awesome. However, the entire left back bumper of the Prius was…well…badly dented.

Aside from the fact that the Prius is one of the most battered cars I’ve ever seen (knocked off side mirrors, dented bumpers, smashed trunks, etc.) it was just so funny to me to see a drivers “ed”-gy green car where a driving lesson had obviously gone so very wrong. I don’t know…maybe it is just me.

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