A New Year and Many Voices.

Today is Rosh Hashannah – the Jewish New Year. What I love about this celebration is the marker of renewal. The old year ends, we spend the next ten days thinking about the rights and wrongs from the past year, and prepare to forgive ourselves and others to go cleanly into a new year.

The two strong symbols are the apple and the ram’s horn. The apple to represent the fruit of life (dipped in honey to represent sweetness for the new year) and the ram’s horn — calling out to the world that the new year has arrived.

You see, it is all about the voice. The internal voice and the external voice. Speaking into our hearts and out to the world.

A silly comparison is the voice that you look for in the blog world. We look to hear the voices of others, to personalize, to get to know others across a void of cyberspace. But not so silly, when you draw the comparison to community. Community is what the New Year is about in the Jewish faith. Personal and public communing towards redemption.

In blog world we form community from our inner voices. To all my fellow Gen Plussers and visitors to this blog, a happy New Year in our little, big community. Happy New Year.

2 thoughts on “A New Year and Many Voices.

  1. I love your correlation of the internal world and the external world. It really makes sense when you’re over 50. Happy New Year from an Irish Catholic — and continued Happy Blogging.

  2. Thanks Eileen! Living life well is really all about connections anyway, isn’t it? Glad to have made a connection with you, my new Irish Catholic cyber-friend.

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