A refreshing Blogging Boomers Carnival, after a bizarre week.

There is no doubt the past couple of weeks have just been plain bizarre. I live around the corner from the Jackson compound and the street the house is on (Havenhurst) has truly turned into a media circus. News vans with their signal satellite dishes line both sides of the streets and as you detour around, cars are parked for blocks on both sides of the very small side streets. Sellers are hawking Michael Jackson T-shirts, reporters huddle under trees for some shade in the relentless valley heat. To top it off, Havenhurst has been closed for a couple of blocks for construction (who’s bright idea was THAT with the Jackson detour, too?) and with NO detour signs. This is a hilly area with streets that loop and end and if you don’t know the area you can get hopelessly lost. Which is why for the past several days, you see drivers stopping at different corners and asking other drivers how to route back to Havenhurst. It’s like a Michael Jackson episode of The Twilight Zone.

So thank goodness, Dina, at This Marriage Thing, was the host of this past week’s Blogging Boomers Carnival #121. Not living in this chaotic environment, she has the wherewithal to put together the list of this past week’s best posts for your enjoyment.

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