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I gather tidbits of info on China, because of the overpowering possibilities of the tidal wave of consumerism that is growing in leaps and bounds every day. I always look to the bigger picture and as Gen Plus is teaching me, aging isn’t always old and might doesn’t always have to do with size.

  • Did you know that, in China, there are over 103 million internet users on 45.6 million computers. In the USA it is estimated that 135 million people have access to the internet.
  • There are 1.3 billion Chinese and with an over 9% growth in the Chinese economy every year, internet usage alone is about to explode.
  • There are more than 360 million cell phone users, and over 350 million land line telephones. Mobile phone purchases are increasing by 8 million per month, or over 90 million per year.
  • There are 440 MILLION Chinese who will be over the age of 50 within the next 5 years, compared to 78 million in the US.

We ONLY have 78 million 50-plussers in need of employment or who can contribute to the economy. When you look at our small country in comparison to China, it is easy to see how the US, the greatest consumer force in the world, will soon be dwarfed by China’s consumer power.

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A great Chinese Gen Plusser!

Confucius, Philosopher, was born in 551 B.C. in Lu, China (now Shandong province) and died a the age of 72. This Chinese sage, aka Kong Fu-Zi, was a teacher and scholar (and minor political figure) whose practical philisophical teachings have come down to us as simple sayings (compiled by his disciples) on daily living and social and moral conduct. The majority of his wanderings and disciple gathering took place between the ages of 55 – 62.

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