Amy Zuckerman and Wendy Spiegel join forces: New national survey on Eons

I’m very pleased to announce that after some serious trendwatching, Amy Zuckerman (of A-Z International) and I have put together a relevant survey on what our demographic is thinking regarding their future careers and the virtual business trend. We teamed up with Eons to get the word out and the survey is picking up interest. It features this weekend and over the next couple of weeks on Eons. Please stop by and make your voice heard. Here is the intro to the survey:

Millions of Americans work out of home or small rental offices utilizing technology to drive their work or business. How many are doing so is unknown as the U.S. Census Bureau has not changed its questions to track the virtual business trend. To do so requires a Congressional mandate, and to date no one in Congress has made public their aim to champion this issue.This may change soon as the New York Times Magazine and NPR recently put a focus on the home-based working population, with Times writer Matt Bai in early November challenging the 2008 presidential candidates to focus on the needs of the growing number of home-based business owners. What he missed was the larger trend – the rise of the virtual work place — of which home-based entrepreneurs are just a percentage.
Working virtually means operating a business in a small-office setting with technology as a key support mechanism.Given that many people working virtually are Boomers, EONS has teamed up with Amy Zuckerman, the EONS Virtual Business manager and Wendy Spiegel, the EONS Careers for Boomers and 50+ manager, to develop a survey to gather data on the virtual work place and shed some light on Boomer career ambitions. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so we can collect missing data, and inform the public. Without data from you on your work styles and retirement plans neither government or service providers — from homebuilders to broadband providers, health insurers to technology vendors — can meet your needs.

2 thoughts on “Amy Zuckerman and Wendy Spiegel join forces: New national survey on Eons

  1. Very cool. When I’m in the dog park with my pup each morning I chat with the other dog owners. I do find more and more folks in their 40s, 50s who work at home. I am envious.

  2. That is my experience as well — more people are looking for opportunities to commute less and increase quality of life. One area that will really be growing are virtual “contact” centers — customer service routed through virtual offices to shift workers who set schedules around their life needs as well as a company’s high phone traffic time.

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