An hour and I’m one step closer…

Good gosh amighty.  Way back, when I thought I could really handle a bit’o’code,  I migrated my blog from Blogspot to WordPress.  Not (which is pretty easy for anyone to figure out), but…that tempting, beguiling site that allows you a whole lot more functionality than if you stuck with simple

This has meant an entirely new education in the world of code, php, file management, hosting…in a way that I never was cut out for and, in fact, should refuse to have anything to do with.  But I’m a stubborn git of a gal.  And there are so many other, smarter people than me (at least in the world of programming), that I’ve discovered that if I have a terrible WordPress problem, guaranteed there are other very good programmy types, who have had the same problem and discovered their fixes. 

WordPress is a user-built/managed program, which means there is no really official team of developers who create the definitive “fix”.  Instead, you have many dedicated fans of the software, who all come up with fixes…some of which work for most and some which don’t work for all.  Plus everytime there is a WordPress upgrade, where many problems ARE fixed, there are a host of others that pop up.  Sometimes you have to go into your file manager and start playing with code.  And that is where I get seasick. 

I don’t understand the world of code.  It is an alien language and if my life depended on being able to understand and speak it, I’d be dead.  Simple.  I’m sure that somewhere, there is a good person who can translate code to English in a way that I could have an “aha” moment, but I’m also sure that the flash of clarity would dissipate and I’d be left in a fog of cod-ese.

Reminds me of when I was in the first term of my second and final year of CEGEP (junior college in Quebec).  I had decided that I wanted to go to medical school.  Forget that I had never excelled in science or math…I was determined.  One of the prerequisites was Calculus.  In Cal1 (the “beginner” course) I was heading into my finals with a fail looming ahead.  I didn’t understand Calculus.  At all.  My boyfriend, and my first true love, was a Harvard student, in Applied Math (stop laughing at me…) and pretty much a genius in all things academic.  He came home from college one week before my final calculus exam.  My teacher had already told me that I’d need a 75% (which was impossible for me to get) in order to squeak by with a C-.  This was shattering for me…I’d always been an A and high B student, so the promise of sure failure had me in a serious funk.  My great, wonderful boyfriend, took the next three days and taught me Cal1.  I don’t know how he did it.  For the first 2 1/2 days I didn’t get it…it was gobbledygook.  I was crying, sobbing, yelling…ready for sure defeat.  Somehow, at the 11th hour, he explained something in a way that gave me a startling moment of clarity (30 years later I don’t remember what it was…except it had to do with hitting a baseball with a bat) and all of a sudden the past 2 1/2 days and prior 3 months of torture all fell into place.  I understood the concept of Calculus! 

I went in for my test and wrote an 85%, which gave me a more respectable overall grade of C+.  So, of course, now that I understood Cal1, it made sense for me to take Cal2. 

Fast forward to January.  When the teacher saw me, he thought I was nuts.  Asked me why I was in Cal2.  Confident of my new found enlightenment, I told him I needed Cal2 for pre-med and that I was now confident in Calculus.  Anyhooo…the first test in Cal2, just a short two weeks later,  I got 19%.  Dropped the course and my desire for pre-med all at the same time.  The blinding flash of understanding I’d experienced cradled in the mind of my genius boyfriend??…nowhere to be found.

So that pretty much illustrates the boat I find myself in every time I have to brave the waters of “code” and “program” and “development”.  Drowning…yup…that would be the right word.

Back to my story.  Word Press upgraded and while I had a few problems, with the handy-dandy help of my online saviors, I was able to fix any problems along the way.  Except I could not upload any pictures.  Not through the media library, not through Flickr.  So I’ve had to leave a few great stories by the wayside til I could figure out the problem.  I’ve researched, tried a million fixes…nada.  So today, I thought I’d give it another shot.  I sourced, researched, drilled through forums…nothing worked.  Finally I decided to go through all my settings once again.  And I found it…a / mark, where there should have been none.  A simple slanted line that came appeared in a directory line, along with the upgrade, was stopping my pix from uploading.Janet head shot  I removed the slash and voila!  Pix.  Once again.  Look…here’s me…smiling.  And no Calculus involved.

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