Are you in a Crisis? Midlife Crisis Queen releases new book

Laura Lee Carter, well-known blogger (Midlife Crisis Queen), recently released her book “Midlife Magic: Becoming the Person you are Inside!”

It’s could almost be sad to say that books about the midlife crisis have become relatively available.  However, there is something very compelling about a writer baring her emotional soul to the anonymous reader. 

In this case, Laura Lee Carter writes a very heartfelt and well-thought out chronicle of her journey through leaving an abusive marriage, losing her job in her late 40’s and a hysterectomy to a successful rediscovery of self and a promising look at the next stage of her life. 

Complete with a reference guide and peppered with motivating quotes and resources,  Laura Lee’s book is a quick read, sure to give you a boost of inspiration for managing your own midlife crisis!  Available on her website, at B&N, or at Amazon.

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