Ayay. Alienating 50 plus?

I support Barack Obama’s candidacy and I’m not a huge McCain/Palin fan, but as an advocate for 50 plussers, I have to make a comment about the new Obama ad. Bad move. In the ad, Obama’s camp attacks McCain for his inability to use a computer or send email.

First of all, McCain can’t. Type. Raise his arms to a comfortable position. Comb his hair. Tie his shoes. That is due to war injuries. Regardless, if he had NO injuries and had trouble with computers, that still makes no comment on his ability to run the country. And I think that Obama will have to make up for some lost ground with the 50 plus demographic. Take a look at today’s LA Times article and more importantly, scroll through the comments. A lot of 50 plussers are a tad insulted.

I still do not support the McCain/Palin ticket. But alienating 50 plussers who aren’t computer savvy is not the way for Obama to go. There’s a lot of power in the 50 plus market and we are expecting our concerns to be a priority of the Democratic party — especially in terms of healthcare and employment.

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