BBC 93

Geez — the Blogging Boomers Carnival is almost at 100 weekly posts! Amazing that this group would not only stick together, but find it interesting, exciting AND that we’d continue to attract new talent to our group (with a wait list!)

This week’s host is a woman who is a changer in her own right. Cindy Samuels has refined the art of e-news conferences and e-media roundtables like no one else I’ve met in the industry. Just to give you an idea of what this unusual and creative venue is, image a press conference…but via an internet roundtable. Cindy typically invites bloggers only, as she is very attuned to the types of questions we’re bound to ask, the honesty we expect from the interviewee, and the immediacy of the response to our blog posts on the interviews. It is a very powerful press conference, but relies heavily on the moderator (in this case Cindy) to keep tight virtual control while ensuring the best of the interviewee is highlighted. I’ve been invited to a few of her e-conferences that are Boomer related and they are always uniquely interesting.

So, head on over to Don’t Gel Too Soon for this week’s BBC roundtable! And take a few minutes to read some of Cindy’s past blogs if you never have before. Very insightful and heartfelt.

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