Being a Career Parent

If you are an older parent, like me, then you likely have dealt with managing a career and a household at the same time. In my case, I’m a single mother, with an 8 year old. My own mother lives with me and has helped to redefine our family model. (This is the mom who just launched her book “Cryo Kid: Drawing a New Map”)

I’ve always sought balance — between career and being a mom — and have come to realize that there is really no such thing as balance. There is the juggle of being a breadwinner against the responsibilities of parenthood, but balance? Not that I’ve found. Some days I’m a great manager, leading my teams to success, and not doing so well on the “mom” front. Other days, I’m the best mom in the world, and my work life may suffer. So, my definition of balance is a bit different. It is a finely tuned recipe for the best-of that I can manage. My choice is to sacrifice a bit of personal life so that I can be great in career and great in motherhood.

So, tomorrow, for me, is about to be a great day. Because I’m going to be the field trip mom for my daughter’s class. My child is 8, in grade 2, and I’ve never gone on a field trip with her or her class. The kids may be excited, but I can guarantee…there is NO one more excited than me. I get to eat a sack lunch, take kids to the bathrooms, and be their “official” tour guide. My daughter is besider herself with pride and I am more excited and nervous than I would be before making a major presentation.

So, balance, schmalance. My bottom line? Tomorrow…I’m a field trip mom.

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