Blog, Blog…What is Blog? Gen Plus is here to help!

For my colleagues and friends edging into 50 and 60 plus, Blog is a foreign word. Actually, they are afraid of Blog, afraid to Blog, to Post, to Email, to Comment. Why? Because this whole new form of communication is like some sort of whirling dervish. They just got used to the INTERNET. And now, internet communication is turning inside out with the world of Blog.

There is a Star Trek episode that I have never forgotten — “Spock’s Brain.” It is a terrible episode — hailed as one of the worst of the series. But it is so darn bad that it is fantastic!

There is a planet filled with beautiful women (per usual), but these women are controlled by a central computer that has “kidnapped” and is using Spock’s brain. At one point, Bill Shatner, in his understated style, shakes one particularly gorgeous woman, Kara, by the shoulders (I believe it was after kissing her…) and asks her, in his frustrated stammer “But can’t you just use your BRAIN?”. To which she replies, “Brain, brain?….What is brain?”

Kara: “Brain, brain? What is brain? Posted by Hello

Whenever I mention the term Blog to friends and associates, I get the same reaction. “Blog? Blog? What is Blog?”

Well, blog (weblog) is simply an easy-to-use website interface that allows for a high level of interactivity. Due to this ease of use, it has become a highly accessible form of Web Diary. Used by friends to share with friends, families to share news with other family members, and now, by business to provide immediacy to the consumer/client, vs. the generally more static website.

If you are reading this post, it is because you have an interest in the medium…and, the medium IS the message. It is fun, easy and I encourage you to take a stab at your own blog.

Trying to find a new career? Create your own webpage to highlight your skills! Looking for love? Use your site to draw attention to your search. You are only limited by your own creativity. I guarantee that you’ll be surprised by the level of creativity that you are able to invoke.

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  1. I love yout site. Way ahead of the curve. Many kudos!! Can’t wait to tell everyone to keep an eye on Gen Plus. I’m a fan.

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