Blogging Boomers Carnival #106

One of the co-founders of BBC, Wes Hein, is the host for this week’s Blogging Boomers Carnival.  This past week I was overwhelmed with four things:

  1. Political commentary and the economy (under 7000 not since when…???)
  2. My commitments (…ummm…overcommitments)
  3. My mother being out of town for TWO weeks (my mother lives with me and is like the “other” parent to my child, and my own personal cheerleader)
  4. My mom…being out of town…for 2 weeks.

I was oversaturated with world and national news, foreclosures (and abandonned homes), job losses amongst my friends, and the price of food.  Needless to say, I got a bit overwhelmed a lot down in the dumps.  And along came our BBC at Life Two.  Well, that pulled me back to my usual optimist outlook.  Enjoy this week’s posts and stay tuned…I’m now on the prowl for interesting blogs and websites to mention next week and innovation to revel in throughout this week.  If you have suggestions please send them along.

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