Blogging Boomers Carnival #155

Crikeys, but our motley crew of blogging boomers has a ton’o’facts’n’fun for you all this week.  (The Blogging Boomers Carnival is a weekly list of some of the best boomer blogs on the net.  Of course, I’m part of the Carnival….tee hee.)

 And in no particular order, off we go:

  • looks to the future:  a love story with an android called a ‘replicant’?
  • Most people have a bucket list by now, but what interests Ann at Contemporary Retirement most is not what’s on your bucket list but what you’ve left off it.
  • Are your kids graduating from college this spring? Or just getting ready to attend? The Boomer Chronicles wants to know.
  • Guru of independent, unscheduled travel, Barbara Weibel of Hole In The Donut Travels, tests her ability to “go with the flow” when she injures her hip and knee in Mexico. Rather than hiking in Copper Canyon, she extended her stay in Baja California and discovered the lovely little town of La Paz.
  • It’s All About Aging looks at the amazing way the CDC solved the latest salmonella outbreak, but is it an invasion of privacy?
  • contributor Deborah Hayes writes that midlife women all come to a point in our life when we sense that things haven’t turned out quite like we expected. Fortunately there is a simple exercise to help gain clarity.
  • I’ll be happy when….” is the way many boomers think they are living their lives.  Yet, SoBabyBoomer tells us  that happiness research simply doesn’t confirm what people already believe will make them happy.
  • Should you connect with people you don’t know on LinkedIn? Andrea Stenberg answers this question in her post: How to decide who to add to your LinkedIn network
  • Do you ever feel like you’re taking care of everyone but yourself?  The Midlife Crisis Queen has some thoughts on learning how to focus on your own needs NOW!
  • Spring is here and the urge to buy something new is pulsing though our veins.  The Glam Gals from Fabulous After 40, have are a few examples of the newest Spring dresses for you to check out!

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