One thought on “Blogging Boomers’ Carnival #39

  1. The art of living well is a great theme. While people may have different definitions of living well, for me it includes not only eating well, doing good deeds, and appreciating nature, but also continuing to learn. That’s why I’ve started a new lifelong learning program, Back To College For A Day, for people who share the joy of learning.
    It’s one exhilarating day of intellectual and social stimulation, with four lectures by the most popular, engaging professors from top colleges, including UCLA, Pomona and Pitzer.

    The first session is Saturday, October 27th, at Mt. St. Mary’s College in Brentwood, and topics will include:
    Bias in the Media: Are You Getting the Real Story?
    The Coming Pandemic: Why Influenza is a Major Threat
    The U.S. Congress in the American Political System
    Police States Past and Present

    Additional programs are scheduled for Jan. 26 and April 12. You can learn more at: or by calling 818-704-4207.

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