Blogging Boomers Carnival celebrates #100

When the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars…

It may not be THAT aligned, but I find it rather appealing that our Blogging Boomers Carnival celebrates our 100th carnival episode on a national holiday (MLK) and the day before the most historic presidential inauguration in the US.  Does it mean anything???  At all??  I doubt it.  But coincidence?  I don’t think so…

It gives me great pleasure to direct your attention and your clicks to The Boomer Chronicles for this week’s 100th installment of Blogging Boomers Carnival, hosted at one of our carnival founder’s (Rhea Becker) sites!

When Wes Hein and Rhea Becker, both exceptional writers, asked me to join their Carnival a few years ago, I remembered thinking, “Huh?”  I had no idea what a Blog Carnival was, what it was for and I seriously doubted we’d be at it more than a few weeks.  I didn’t know either Wes or Rhea, but had “met” Rhea online through her blog and found her writing very appealing.

A Blog Carnival, for inquiring minds who want to know, is an online round up of blog posts by a specific group of bloggers (in our case Boomers) that makes the rounds by being hosted on a different blog each week (or day or month, depending upon the schedule your group decides upon.)  When we started, there really were no social networks, except for My Space and a fledgling LinkedIn.    So we kind of started our own.  Each week, for the past 100 weeks, we stayed on track and on schedule (thanks to Wes and Rhea’s tenacity and good organizational skills!) and shared our views on all things Boomer.  As a result, the Carnival has become quite well known among Boomer circles.  We aren’t all the original members, but I am delighted to have been part of the first round. 

There are some weeks, where, as a blogger, you sometimes feel a bit discouraged.  Perhaps no one has emailed you anything exciting for a few days.  Or the news is just really bad (like, oh, let’s say, our economy falling through the floor).  Or people are afraid or too quick to move on to take the time to comment (yes, we LIVE for comments).  But having our Carnival deadline is always the kick in the pants to inspire some sort of blogging frenzy on those rare occasions that blogger’s block kicks in.

Thank you for following our blogs.  You have no idea what your support means to each of us.  I hope we’ll continue for another 100 carnivals and I’ll do my best to keep you engaged (with my witty reparte, insightful commentary, ground-breaking analysis…LOL)!

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