Boomer Moonlighting

A most wonderful article to share today. This one is from way back in November, but it is worth sharing, even several months later. Wall Street Journal news editor, George Anders, published an enlightening piece on…well…moonlighting at mid-later career. For the full article click here.

In our youth, looking at our parents taking on a second job, or a sideline, was almost always an evil necessity…a marker of lack of financial success in life. As we rushed through the 80’s and into the 90’s, we really gave definition to the aggressive desires and goals of Yuppie-dom. And now, in later career, and nearing retirement age, many of us are creating second, or adjunct, careers — no longer out of necessity, but of desire.

Mr. Anders takes a good look at what it means to the ego to enjoy the freshness and boost of creating a business or taking on a second job in later life. A lovely read.

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