Break him.

By now, the news of  Republican Senator Jim DeMint’s comments to the GOP that defeating healthcare reform would “break” Obama is old news.  That conference call comment struck such a sad, sad chord in my heart.  The polarization of politics has absolutley trumped the welfare of the American people.  Isn’t this country supposed to be about celebrating, supporting and raising up its people?  When did it turn into such a horrible game of point-scoring? 

I’m not a bleeding-heart liberal.  But I do sincerely believe that concern for my fellow man and woman is really, really important in life.  Isn’t that the value of being a thinking, feeling human being?  I remember a colleague of mine coming home from a year in India.  One of the more pivotal moments for her was when a young man, of a lower caste, fell into a sinkhole, broke his legs and couldn’t get out.  He was very deeply in the hole and because of his caste, emergency personnel wouldn’t come with the proper equipment to haul him out.  She watched as other locals did their best to try and get him out with the tools they had, to no avail.  She heard him die in the hole. 

Do we have such a great population, now, and such a great class divide that the have-nots are no longer considered of enough value to ensure their health and education?  My question to Senator DeMint:  if you “break” Obama, and an unemployed person falls into an open sewer hole and breaks their legs, will you allocate the public funds to send emergency personnel to get him or her out?  And once he is out, will you deny him care in a hospital because he or she can’t afford or get medical coverage for their family?  Or leave them in the waiting room of an overwhelmed county hospital, where they will die on a pallet because no one could help them for 6 hours?

We MUST do something about protecting our citizens and bringing them up.  In business it is called succession planning.  Even Gov. Jim Douglas (R-Vermont) agreed with the president in a recent interview on NPR.   While he may not agree with all the details of the plan, he absolutely believes that taking care of the health of the population brings a tremendous cost benefit to business in the US.

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