2 thoughts on “Buffett: Rich Should Pay More Taxes

  1. I read this yesterday. It’s heartening to know that some rich people are also human beings. What excuse does this leave the Republicans if people like Buffet don’t want the protections they insist on providing? This is only a glimmer of home, but I’ll take whatever I can get at this point.

  2. This entire Buffet issue has gotten out of hand. Buffet and his secretary, assuming that’s even what this is about, pay taxes on different types of income. Who will pay for raising rates on dividends? Where do you think a lot of the income on your 401K comes from? If Buffet wants to pay more tax, he can take fewer deductions or simply write a check to the US Treasury. This is nothing but political grandstanding.

    Stop pointing fingers and get rid of the current absurd tax code. Implement a flax tax – one rate for everyone. Then this kind of nonsensical manipulation of numbers stops.

    If this is a political forum, I’m in the wrong place. I’m 56 and have 30+ years in IT and am fighting to re-enter the field dominated my 20-somethings. I’m here to get advice on breaking the age barrier at work, not to listen to msnbc.

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