Can’t wait for Thursday

I’ve never been particularly excited by the presidential debates. The political rhetoric means nothing, really. It is when the leader is in the Oval office that his (can’t even say his/her) true leadership style and philosophies really show. However, the body language and the words between the words always add a bit of spice. This year I must admit that I was actually looking forward to the debate. But nothing can surpass my anticipation of Thursday’s debate between Palin and Biden. In fact, I can’t think of ANYTHING I’d rather do (except, perhaps look at my dwindling bank accounts) than watch Sarah and Joe have at it.

I can’t even imagine what might come up given the incredible and unbelievable campaigns so far. And I know I’ll be glued listening to the pundits rip every word and nuance apart right after the debate ends. Gotta give her credit for something…Palin has certainly livened up this run for the white house.

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