Cass Brown, the world is going to miss you.

A great man, and my friend, Cass Brown, died earlier this week after a very long and challenging few years living with cancer. Cass started a blog several years ago, called Cancergiggles, shortly after surviving his EDD (Estimated Death Date) and went on to write one of the funniest, most joyful, authentic web diaries (blog) on the internet. He had over 675,000 visitors to his blog, self-published a book, and was set for republication by a respected publisher. His sharp British wit and compelling story caught the attention of BBC television and numerous publications.

But more than anything, he was a true heart. He had great love for his wife and children and stayed living as long as he could for his daughter.

He believed in finding the humor in everything and gave strength and courage to thousands and thousands of visitors over the course of his years of writing. I met Cass online and we forged a cyber-friendship and an instant connection. He gave me insight and a view of life that I had never really focused on before and we shared many laughs, including my one failed (very failed) attempt at a Skype phone call with him, but at least he brought me into the “age of blog”.

Cass, wherever you are, your dear, dear family, people the world over, your visitors from all of the seven continents, all of us, will miss you dearly. I hope you find a way to send a chuckle on back to us here. Thank you for bringing the heart of cancer to the forefront of so many people’s minds and conversations. And I’m so happy that you made it to 2007.


2 thoughts on “Cass Brown, the world is going to miss you.

  1. Well such a touchy blog… u must be missing your friend… really he had such positive mind set about life… he will surely be remembered for his true heart….well u can sometime come and drop by My Blog and let me know if u find it interesting…!!!

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