“Chase”ing after a viral event

It’s rare that I get a day off — when you own your own business, you are kind of “on” 24/7 — so yesterday was a wonderful treat.  The weather was great and my mom, my daughter and I headed to Zuma beach for an after summer afternoon connecting with the sand and surf.   Just around 3:00, we noticed a group of 20-somethings setting up rows and rows of beach umbrellas and decided to check it out. 

Chase viral event at Zuma beach by GenPlus.It turns out it was Chase bank staging a viral event on the beach.   A team of about 8 gorgeous young men and women headed out to chat with beachgoers, handing out free beach towels along the way (pretty nice ones, too!)  We picked up our umbrella and beach towels, posed for a pic (still trying to figure out where they’ll be posting press pics on their site), and watched as over the next half hour, the beach became “dressed” in Chase promo materials.  Chase beach umbrellas dotted the beach, Chase beach towels were laid out at virtually every spot where people were stationed, and the Chase team went up and down the beach helping to set up umbrellas or give out additional towels. 

My mom decided then and there to check out the rates at Chase (who, by the way, have been doing an incredible job advertising their presence in California) and my daughter spontaneously make a sand homage to the bank.

This was a very successful viral event and it was exciting enough to watch that quite a few people (myself included) took pics.

Chase sand drawing by you.

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