Chicago Sun-Times picks up the 50 plus theme

The Chicago Sun-Times has produced a solid piece on frequently asked questions regarding employment after 50. Give it a read. There are some good tips.

The hard reality is that revving yourself up for job search at 50 plus requires marathon training…including relearning things you always took for granted. Like learning to ride a bike.

Except the world has changed greatly since the last time you really looked for work. Plus this is a different climate.

So, it isn’t really like riding a bike. This time around it is like knowing how to ride a bike, but realizing that you need to learn to ride a unicycle…atop a tightrope…through a flaming hoop…in a Cirque de Soleil production.

You’ll find some more in-depth relevant pointers on your own personal branding in past articles on our Gen Plus blog. Here are a few you can click to for a quick refresher course on Jobseeking 101 in 2006!

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