Circuit City down for the count

In case you haven’t yet heard, Circuit City is officially bankrupt and all 567 stores are being prepped for liquidation.  That’s about another 34,000 employees who have been given the pink slip.  Some staff will be asked to stay on as the stores shut down and most associates will be given a small cushion to get them through the next couple of months.

As far as product goes, sales may be starting as early as today.  You cannot get any information online, but if you have a Circuit City near you, you may want to see if you can get it to pick up the electronic you’ve been waiting for.  I’m suspecting that lines will be next to impossible today.  Circuit City liquidators expect to have all inventory sold and final doors closed by March.  Here is the official announcement:

My heart goes out to the employees and families of Circuit City…a retailer who after 60 years in business can’t get through this crisis, either.

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