Creating an online footprint

Consulting for small business is a treat.  Especially when I can help these small businesses create their online footprint.  Word of mouth is fantastic and still the number one way in which service industry business grows.  But, the internet has reshaped the way word-of-mouth can travel.  Take Kogi, for example.  If you haven’t heard of Kogi, then you are in for a surprise.  Kogi is a Los Angeles food truck, specializing in Korean BBQ.  There are two things that are exceptional about Kogi. 

  1. The food. 
  2. The Kogi truck sightings…via Twitter

That’s right — Kogi has become a physical example of the virtual power of  Twitter.  The folks at Kogi announce the truck route via their website and on Twitter.  People line up to catch Kogi BBQ, tweet on length of the line, or status of the wait.  It has become something of a phenomenon in Los Angeles and is a good demonstration to the uninitiated to the localized reach possibilities of Twitter.

So…tonight I was at a networking event, and bumped into Yvonee, the owner of Leopard Limo.  I posted on this super cool leopard upholstered limo last month.  I hadn’t met Yvonne personally when I had stumbled upon her limo  (If you click on the link you’ll get to see me in leopard heaven.)  I was blown away when I met Yvonne.  An amazing woman, she literally is the brand.  So, I’m thinkin’…why not Leopard Limo sightings?  Not that I’d necessarily run out of my way to see the limo in action, but let’s say I was driving on Sunset and found out it’d be on my route.  At least I could get in a good rubberneck and try to catch a glimpse of the leopard-covered TV, and the glam gals standing through the skylight munching on their Kogi Korean BBQ…no?

Yvonne, owner of Leopard Limo

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