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The Gen Plus Shop page is about to undergo an expansion, so keep an eye out for some terrific Boomer and 50-plus friendly products in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we’ve found another great resource — Senior Shop. I realize that many of you are not technically in the “senior” category…but I’ve got to say…some of these products are outstanding and the price breaks on the “Deals of the Day” are very, very good. You’ll always be able to get a quick link to the “Deal of the Day” from our site, so it is worth a check every day! Why? Well, I’m still a bit below my beloved demographic (50 plus) — but at 47, I’ve got to tell you…I can no longer read the fine print without reading glasses. That became official this year. And I can no longer ignore the hot flashes and night sweats. Oh…and I can no longer go out for a late dinner without needing two days to recover and a night full of Tums to boot!

So, I was pretty excited by some of these products. I’ll proudly admit that I can no longer see the hairs on my chin without the aid of reading glasses and a magnifying mirror — ergo my delight with today’s “Deal of the Day” — a 5X mag mirror! Ha. I’m giggling my way to the checkout window!!

Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Deal of the Day?

  1. Finally! Someone came up with a great idea in SeniorShops. I’ve added it to my merchant list at
    Thanks, Wendy, for the find.

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