Del Webb gets Fifty Plus and Boomer Thinking

Del Webb (Sun City, adult living communities) has shifted their marketing and direction over the past few years to properly target the changing interests of Boomers and young seniors. They have launched several Active Living communities that target active (and still working usually) 55 plussers.

The reason I bring up Del Webb, is because, as an industry leader in retirement living, they have jumped ahead of other marketers and proactively reshaped their message to one that acknowledges the reality that people 50+ and 55+ and 60+ will continue to work, want to work and NEED to work in order to maintain their quality of life and standard of living.

They are sponsors of the wonderful series on PBS about Boomers, aptly named Boomers! Redefining Life After 50 (which if you haven’t watched, you ought to as it is delightful.)

Other developers will certainly try to follow Del Webb’s lead, but as someone who is always scanning media and buzz looking for reactions to the changing 50 plus demographics, they are on track, on target and ahead of the game — providing relevant living communities for our aging, but vital population.

2 thoughts on “Del Webb gets Fifty Plus and Boomer Thinking

  1. As a (58, female, married) resident of a Del Webb Community, Sun City Texas, I can tell you that your comments are on the money. This is an energized and upbeat community with people who are excited and happy with their surroundings. Many of the residents do work and even more have outside volunteer interests. If you are not busy and fulfilled with your life in this type of community, you would have to look internally to find the reason. It was great to see your positive comments on these communities.

  2. Thank you! Appreciate the feedback. I really do believe that Del Webb is offering a fantastic concept and a viable alternative for the over 50 crowd. Glad to hear that your experience living there is so positive.

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