Demotivated or what?

Because I’m a little odd (so my family and friends tell me) I decided to take on a new tactic for 2007. I’m going to become demotivated.

Throughout 2006 through various conferences I heard many motivational speakers do their best to hep up and hype up the crowd. Reach for the highest highs. Climb the Mount Everest of your dreams. Lots of great words, but I was always left with the nagging feeling that I still needed more tangibles than re-energization. So this morning I thought I’d see what Google had to tell me about motivational speakers. I got 1,390,000 references for motivational speaker. That’s a lot of business in making people get up off their chairs and take some action.

But, being the contrary sort that I am, I “googled” (the new term for “search”) “demotivational speaker” thinking that might be a good theme for the start of 2007. Well, there were almost 12,000 references for demotivational speaker. Most of them were promoting taking more free time. Kinda cute and while not as robust a business as motivating people, still…12,000 hits ain’t too shabby. It got me thinking — at 50 plus, we either have lots of undesired free time, or too little time for anything at all. So I’m going to aim for the more free time. Cell phone free, email free, phone free, TV free…possibly people-free. I’ll let you know how I do.

But right now, gotta run. Got email to catch up on, plans to set in motion for ’07, a dog to walk, a kid to feed, weight to lose

3 thoughts on “Demotivated or what?

  1. Hi Wendy: There is probably something to be said for demotivation. At least, that’s what the folks at suggest in their quest of “increasing success by lowering expectations.” Still, I think the real basis of motivation and achievement is having the right expectations … expectation that come from setting goals that matter to you!

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