Does electric propulsion excite you as it does me??

I’m heading off the to LA Auto show this week (some distinct advantages to living in LA, when the auto show comes to town!) and looking forward to learning as much as I can for all of us Boomer and 50 plus types through the backstage pass a press credential gives you.  Not only do I want to see what every carmaker is coming up with in the category of green, but I’m particularly interested in our US automakers. 

If you’ve been to the auto show before, there is almost too much to absorb, but I’ve set my sights on a couple of specific areas.  Chevy Volt.  I saw it last year in Detroit, was hoping to test drive in LA, but unfortunately that didn’t happen, so this year, I’m looking foward to get in a turn or two at the “Green Cars/LA Auto Show Ride and Drive”…I’m just beside myself with anticipation.  It is a first-come, first-served chance to test out new vehicles, so hopefully my wiley ways and irrestible charm will get me a spot on the floor.

A cool GM social media component to share: Tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 30 kicks-off a series of live video webcasts, which will be available on as well as the Chevrolet and Chevrolet Volt Facebook pages.  The first webcast is at  Harvard-Westlake Middle School (I have friends who’s kids went there!) at 9:40 a.m. PST for more than 800 students and staff about the basics of electricity, including why it’s important and how this common energy source can be used to transform the way we drive.  Having just constructed a circuit board using C batteries, a flashlight bulb and aluminum foil with my 4th grader, I’m very interested to see how GM plans to capture the interest of these very bright kids. 

The best (at least I think so) is the last webcast on Tuesday, Dec. 1 at the  J Restaurant & Lounge in downtown L.A. where Chevrolet Vice President Brent Dewar will announce the winner of the contest to name the greenish-silver color of the Volt.  The winner gets a test drive while we get the “Top Gear” version online.  (Side note:  if you haven’t seen Top Gear on BBC America, you are missing out on a fantastically fun car series.) 

You can tell I’m getting in gear.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you in on my own particular, very consumer-framed, very menopausal woman’s views all this week.

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