Eat Your Way Through a Food Fight!

Back in December, I brought an innovative site to your attention, Eat Better America (EBA), an initiative by General Mills to bring health awareness to our diets, especially important at 50 plus and even more important if you are trying to stay on the top of your game in the job market. Melissa, from EBA sent me a link to their latest addition to the site…a very quirky little game that will help foster awareness of the information available though EBA.

The Good Food Fight really is fun! For the game, you get to choose one of three dishes, along with one of three warriors (I loved the hot dog vendor), and start slinging virtual food at each other in a very creative way. You can win if you are able to figure out how to hit the warrior and I guarantee it will pique your curiosity about the healthy recipes available on the site. And it is a clever use of the web to spread the word…you’ll find yourself forwarding the game along to your family and friends.

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