Fifty and Furthermore

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I’ve been waiting all week just to send out an article from the great site, Dr. Dorree Lynn has amassed a group of “sages”, those who are boomer plus with, frankly, some great stories to tell. Here is one I particularly like…by Mary Liston Liepold, Ph.D., — wife, mother, activist, lifelong reader, editor, and writer.

She expresses (with resonance for all the 50 plussers out there…) the fears and joys of a 50 plusser (actually just turned 60, so she is one of the group of first Boomers turning 60 this year) attacking a new job! Enjoy. Click here for the full article.

“I work for love, not for money. No, we’re not fabulously wealthy; it’s just that by the time I went to work for wages, after 15 years as a family day care provider, I knew people would pay me to do something I loved, and I wasn’t about to settle for less. I spent 20 years at four different nonprofits – almost 15 at the last one – and they were all good years.

Then came the day, about six months after my 60 th birthday, when I realized that I wasn’t loving my job anymore. The conventional wisdom is that it’s tough to find a new job when you’re 60, so I put out the first feelers a bit tentatively – and scored a call for an interview on every one. The ego boost was exhilarating…”

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  1. Thanks! The design is an echo of our main website,

    I maintain the blog myself, so for a Boomer, I’m excited by the challenge of re-education. I’ve had to learn blog from scratch.

    And I’m thrilled with BlogMad so far.

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