Finding the courage to take THE risk

When you have lost your job (the unemployment figures coming out this Friday aren’t going to have anyone smiling), and your unemployment benefits are running out, or have already run out, when your safety net has just too many holes in it…face it.  Your back is against the wall and you are either going to sink or swim.    One of the bigger challenges in a prolonged recession (and we know that the damage is going to take a long time to undo) is that we, as a population, become risk-adverse.  There is really no credit to count on in terms of starting up a small business and family and friends are likely as hard-pressed for their nickels and dimes.

When really faced with a sink-or-swim situation, the beauty of the human spirit, is that we tend to swim and it doesn’t matter if we can do a gorgeous freestyle, or a travelling dead man’s float.  Whatever it takes not to drown.  A couple of years ago I put together a really great, very inexpensive, little e-book which is available for download through the Gen Plus shop.  It is all about really reaching inside yourself and figuring out a strategic plan for moving forward, using tools that businesses use to create their own strategic plans.  When I put it together, it was specifically for the Boomer and 50 Plusser seeing the writing on the wall.  The wall has been written on and the damage to the economy has really crossed all age barriers.

I’ve done contests in the past to award this e-book to someone who could use it.  So I’m doing it again.  Tell me what you might do if you thought you could risk it and if you could figure out a way to take the first steps toward getting there.  I’ll pick a few of you and send you the e-book at no charge.    Just my way of paying it forward.  Put your entries into the comments, or if you want to keep it between us, send me an email at

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