Gen Plus Beta testing update

While we are still in beta testing, we’re amassing resumes, job posts and products to showcase. Come September we’ll be running a US/Canada product search for products and inventions by 50-plussers. You can get a preview of our Shop section at If you or someone you know is looking for distributorship, have them drop us a line at and we’ll send out distribution instructions.

Our Jobseeker and Employer services are functional, but with a few kinks that are being fixed. We’ll be updating copy to clarify the free services, vs. the fee-based services. For Jobseekers, job browsing is free, but resume posting is fee-based. For Employers, resume browsing is free, but job posting is fee-based. (Right now, job posting is free, so get on board quickly, pass along to any recruiters you know, or the window of opportunity will be closed!)

Please visit and send any comments, criticisms, or compliments (always welcome!) to Stay posted for more!

2 thoughts on “Gen Plus Beta testing update

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