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At Gen Plus, we recently shot a fitness DVD geared specifically for 50 plussers. (For those of you who are interested in purchasing, it is currently in post-production and will be available through our Shop page on our home site within the next few months.) Developing the fitness workout got us researching health trends, looking at more healthy eating alternatives and, personally, trying to make the best choices in exercise and eating habits, including dining out.
Everyone who worked on the project has a shift of outlook on their personal health in one way or another.

Laura Spiegel, our Gen Plus fitness trainer, added karate to her already strenuous workout schedule, to help her prep for our next video (coming out next summer.)

Corinne Copnick, one of the participants, was so pleased with her unexpected good fitness, that she started dancing twice a week, in addition to aquafitness three times a week.

Ira Brown, who is the music composer for the fitness routine, has made significant changes to his eating habit. He’s always loved salads, but now he is in chronic pursuit of the perfect healthy meal.

Ira had a meal in Sylmar, California the other day. He had stopped at a diner for bite to eat after a heavy workday (he is a renowned sound designer, creating home and commercial sound designs…from home theatres to fully “wired” homes.) He was particularly drawn to the “Healthy Chicken” meal. When it arrived, there was a 4 – 6 oz chicken breast, three stewed tomatoes, a baked potato, some large onion rounds and toppings — so many toppings that he had to ask for a separate plate…just to remove them (a pre-emptive strike to avoid clogging his arteries.) The toppings were: a cup of sour cream, a scoop of butter, bacon strips, shredded cheese. He was so astounded by this advertised “Healthy” meal, that he had to tell me about it.

If it looks like potato skins and acts like potato skins, must be potato skins. At least the chicken part was healthy.

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