Gen Plus List — February 24, 2010

I’ve received a slew of info about lots of important stuff related to the Boomer and 50 Plus demographic…yup…you.  So here goes…in no specific order:

  1. Have you or someone you know been ripped off or spotted a scam?  If so, the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency, wants to hear about it.  Their new animated How to File a Complaint video shows how and includes examples of the kinds of things someone might complain to the FTC about. View the video at (in Spanish at, or  People can help stop scams, rip-offs and fraudsters by sharing their experience with the FTC.   The video’s announcement comes as the FTC releases its report listing the kind of consumer complaints filed with the agency in 2009. Read more at
  2. Also from the FTC — Who are the easiest targets?  People in need.  And right now, jobs are darn hard to find.  It’s hard to believe someone would steal money from a person looking for a job. But unfortunately, no matter how bad the situation, scammers see opportunity. Many people looking for work have been ripped off by scam artists who promise a job, access to special job listings, interviews, or a way to make a big income working from home – that is, if they just pay a fee or turn over their credit or debit card information.  In the end, they’re left with no job…and some are robbed of hundreds of dollars. That’s why the FTC has produced a video warning consumers:  “Don’t Pay for a Promise.” The video, which you can find at, features details on how consumers can spot and steer clear of job scammers, and how to report rip-offs to the FTC. Also, the FTC and its partners across the country today announced a law enforcement sweep cracking down on job and work-at-home scams ( ).
  3. From AdvaCAL, a calcium supplement, this interesting finding:  With osteoporosis an increasing concern among women of all ages, a recent report in the medical journal Osteoporosis International found that women taking the AAACa (AdvaCAL®) calcium supplements had the highest bone density increase among 32 different calcium studies conducted between 1977 and 2008. The 32 studies involved 3,169 postmenopausal women, 79 skeletal measures and 7 different types of calcium, including dairy. You can read full report details here: (Note:  I’m an unusual case — I show early stage bone density loss, yet my calcium levels are too high for me to need a calcium supplement…anyone know what that is all about??)
  4. The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) has launched a financial workbook series to help folks get their finances in order. You’d think it would be easier, but it’s kind of like repainting your house.  You can try to figure out how to scrape, sand, fill, prime and paint on your own (and figure out how many gallons you need of each color, oil, latex, combo, etc), but bottom line, it is a heck of a lot easier to find a painter who knows his/her stuff who can tell you how and what to do.  The NFCC sees your finances in the same way and has created exclusive workbooks that’ll help get you on track towards that goal. From “Better Fortunes” to “More than One Way Out,” and “Live a Richer Life,” these workbooks are filled with tips, advice and strategies straight from the experts!  You can purchase the workbooks for a low cost by visiting
  5. The All Eyes on Glaucoma campaign is spreading the word about World Glaucoma Week, March 7-13th.  Throughout this week people are encouraged to learn about eye health and the importance of regular, comprehensive eye exams. Did you know that John Patrick Shanley, Academy Award Winner for Best Screenplay for Moonstruck and playwright of Doubt, was diagnosed with advanced glaucoma twelve years ago and has experienced significant vision loss? 

 “Although glaucoma runs in my family, I took my sight for granted until I was faced with the harsh reality that I could go permanently blind from this condition.  Fortunately my timely diagnosis and treatment has allowed me to live my life fully and to continue doing what I love.”

To hear more of Shanley’s story and why he encourages everyone to receive regular eye exams, please watch this special iPSA:

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