Getting an Online Education

I’ve been getting a few emails with some questions on Blogger vs. WordPress.  If you are a beginner blogger, I recommend Blogger for ease of use, ease of finding answers to your questions, ease of posting, etc.  The widgets that Blogger provides go from adding in Adsense (to allow you to create a bit of revenue) to an RSS feed (so that readers who like what you have to say can subscribe to your blog.) 

That being said, there is a LOT to learn…even on Blogger!   I’ve stayed on Blogger for 4 years for a really good reason…I didn’t require a “hosted” site; i.e. a site that also needed database capabilities. Because I’ll be adding in a shopping cart, I require a database and that cannot be accomplished on the Blogger platform at this time. 

If I were staying with a daily diary format and not adding anything else, I’d stick with Blogger. Once you learn all those bells and whistles, it is really fun AND easy to move things around on your site. WordPress.COM is equivalent to Blogger, but has a few different features. For a daily blog, I’d probably stick with Blogger.

WordPress.ORG (also known as Hello World) is MUCH more challenging as it forces you to learn more of the back end dynamic. I would NOT recommend .ORG for a novice! It’s taking me HOURS to figure out certain things, but once I do, I’m very satisfied.

One of the best sites I’ve used as a resource for years is  The young writer, Maki, has over 10,000 subscribers.  Why?  He decided a long time ago to share everything he knows and all that he learns on building a website/blog.  His revenue comes from affiliates and ad revenues, but you’ll rarely see a post on his site without at least 50 – 75 comments from his readers.  The information he shares can be technical, but if you stick with it, you’ll discover things about blogging that you NEVER would have understood without his insights.

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