Getting Started

This week is very exciting at Gen Plus as we shoot our “Getting Started” fitness DVD. Our trainer is fantastic…very educated, knowledgeable and full of energy and life. Our “students” on the video are just right. Exactly what real people between 50 and 75 are really all about. At the same time as we shoot the DVD, I can’t take my eyes off China. A compelling PBS special on China with a look at how reliant so many businesses in the US are on China produced-for-America products.

But where the real eye should be is on the growing consumerism in China. A challenging and tricky business world…almost impossible to penetrate, but where all things American are highly prized. It is so challenging to sell American in China that very few companies are willing to take the risk and the time to find their way into Chinese consumerism. This is where I keep my eye. I see the future and it is in the 20-somethings finding their way in Beijing and Shanghai.

Good thing we’re getting in shape!

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