Going Greener — one eggshell at a time

As I was making blueberry muffins this morning, I started reflecting on the vast difference between how I related to nature when I worked in a concrete office, versus how I feel running a business from my home. 

On a personal level, for example, on nice days, I can take my laptop into the garden and work from my outdoor patio table.  On hot days (like all this week) I sit at my dining room table and look out on my flowering garden.  I walk out in my bare feet and tromp around on the grass, pick fresh tomatoes or herbs, watch squirrels stealing my apples (well, that part isn’t so good!) and through my pet care business, have reconnected with nature in a way that I wouldn’t have expected.  It is completely visceral and I, once again, feel part of nature. 

This has translated into many, many areas.  Well…my garden (which I’ve written about) — from the fruit trees, to my Victory garden, to the perennials and roses.  Touching the soil, trimming dead leaves, cutting roses for my dining room table….aaahhh.  Always makes me sigh with pleasure. 

Then there is the baking and the cooking.  It started with buying a breadmaker.  I can’t say I make a loaf every day, but very, very often…often enough that clients and friends enter my home sniffing for the telltale aroma of a fresh pumpernickel or whole wheat….and hoping I’ll offer up a piece of fresh zucchini bread. 

And let’s not even get started on the mixer.  For my 50th, my family bought me a KitchenAid professional quality mixer.  Oh.  My.  Lord.  After years of hand beating and using a hand mixer…I’m literally in baker’s heaven.

Somehow, the two combine — the quest for oneness with nature and the desire to create the perfect muffin/cake/loaf.  On a more encompassing level, I’ve become much greener than I ever was…not yet turned into a crunchy granola, but I’m certainly feeling a much greater sense of responsibility toward the future of our planet than I did even a couple of years ago. 

I try to be green-conscious in my own small way.  For example, with all the baking I do, I use a lot of  eggs and I add them to my compost bucket each day, along with the coffee grinds and other vegetable matter.  Keeping in mind that I’d just cracked a couple of eggs for my muffins, segue with me to a daily email that I subscribe to, called Jen’s List.  It is specifically geared to those who live in the San Fernando Valley, started by a young mom, Jennifer Levinson — with all sorts of things to do, resources for families, etc.  Forget the fact that she and hubby have FIVE boys and I can’t imagine how she has the time to do the list…but I’ve been subscribing for a couple of years and there is always something that gets my attention.  Since I had eggshells on my mind, a ditty regarding a dozen uses for eggshells jumped out at me…and brought me to The Daily Green.  I’m possibly the last person on the planet to find this wonderful blog, but there are SO many green-worthy tips, along with info, that I have to share.  Here’s the bit on eggshells.  I can guarantee at least ONE of the tips will give you an “aha” moment.  For me, there were two — the collagen liner that can be used on cuts and scrapes (particularly useful since I just made muffins and have fresh eggshells AND my daughter skinned her knee badly yesterday), AND the potentianl use of eggshell in hydrogen fuel production.

The fresh blueberry muffins, by the way,  are delish.

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