Goodbye 2009…Hello 2010 from Blogging Boomers Carnival #143

Our last BBC of the year, #143, is hosted by John Agno at So Baby Boomer.  If you’ve been a carnival reader, enjoy this last edition for 2009.  If you are new to Gen Plus, the hop on board and see what some of the best boomer bloggers on the net have to share with you as this year comes to a close.   It takes a tremendous effort to keep a carnival going week after week, year after year, but this wonderful group are never at a loss for thought, words, suggestions and more (and definitely no lack of substance to talk about in 2009!)   — they certainly keep me thinking, as I hope they do for you. 

It’s been an historic year to say the least …with political drama, economic disasters, a global warming trend that threatens the planet for our children and children’s children, and a broken health care system that is finally able to take a tiny step forward over the next few years, and, of course, oodles of celeb stories — from Michael Jackson to Tiger Woods.    Our Carnies have shared their thoughts on all of it with you, and you, our interested, intelligent, and often-times inspiring readers, give each of us tremendous satisfaction when we hear from you, get a comment(naughty or nice), or a recommendation to share with other readers.  You may not always agree with our points of view, but we always appreciate the exchange.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year’s from all the carnival contributors, a big thank you to the carnival founders, Wesley Hein and Rhea Becker, who keep us in line and on schedule,  and wishing a much easier 2010 for all of us!

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