Google in China, where 50 Plus is REALLY 50 Plus!

Everyone is all abuzz over Google China. For good or for bad, the market is there and people, regardless of country, desire information and will seek it out. Saying that one doesn’t agree with Google China is like saying that you don’t agree with the internet. You can agree or not agree, but the internet will not go away, nor will Google China. Nor should they. The desire for information in this computer age is unstoppable.

And when we look at the issues facing 50 plus, aging Boomers and young seniors in the US, we are talking about a total of 78 million Americans. In Canada, about 7-8 million. And in China? Over 400 million who will turn 50 within the next several years. Now that is a mind-boggling number all on its own. I, for one, am all aflutter to discover, learn and embrace whatever I can about the 50 plus world in China simply by the communication that will come from the information exchange. A rural, agrarian culture, side-by-side with forward-thinking fast moving cyber-culture and a love of all things branded American. What a fascinating picture!

So, if we have 40 million of our Boomers looking to continue working after the age of 60, that will translate to about 200 million Chinese 60 plussers who will want and need to continue working. Two thirds of the US population. That alone is mind-boggling. So whatever challenges we are looking to surmount surrounding 50 plus or aging population issues in the US, this is really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what impact there will be on the Chinese economy. And I know that I’ll be on of the 78 million and 400 million relying on Google to find me the information I want.

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