Gotta getta…

I never thought it would happen to me. But today it did. I turned 46 last month and today I realized that I cannot go more than another 2 years without a convertible. Why 2 years? Because I make logical decisions. It would be ridiculous to just go out and get a new convertible when I have a perfectly great, leather-seated, DVD playing, VAN. Yes. A soccer mom van.

I am a single mother, having had my child later in life, at 46 I have a child about to start Kindergarten. And all I could think about all day was about getting a convertible. Red. With cream interiors. A Toyota Solara? Chrysler Seabring? The possibilities are endless. My days on the road, hair flying, driving up the coast. Makes me feel like I can BREATHE! Ahhh. That’s how I know I’m having my mid-life crisis.

I’m 4 years away from joining the demographic that my company, Gen Plus, is all about servicing, supporting and protecting. All my focus in my free time is spent on trying to reshape the way America thinks about 50 plus. I’m so close to joining the ranks of my peers.

But I want to get on the road today! My entire childhood was spent fantasizing about heading West. So as an adult I went West to live in LA, my paradise. But I spend a heck of a lot of time on the road. But boy, a convertible would keep me closer to outside, while driving inside. I could pretend, every day, that I was driving faster than 5 mph. I could imagine my hair flying in the wind…if only I could have a car that could ride with the top down. Yup. Gotta get a convertible. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be waiting 2 years.

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