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There is a new search site/community board focused on plastic surgery (breast).  At About Plastic Surgery,  you’ll find FAQs on topics from breast augmentation to breast reduction. There is a national surgeon locator and other good information on the topic.  The following advertorial, from the staff at ABS, previews some of the info you’ll find there.

Many people do not understand exactly what the process of a plastic surgery procedure entails. Generally, we have been socialized to think that plastic surgery options are sought as artificial enhancement to retain their youth.  And, while this view is not entirely false in all cases, it is important to know, if you are curious about the subject of plastic surgery, that there is often more to
it than this. While plastic surgery does indeed involve artificial changes in appearance,  we all know of the broad scope of applications — from breast enhancment, to recontruction and reduction.

A good procedure to use as an example in exploring this assertion is breast-centered plastic surgery, often referred to simply as breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation tends to be an easy surgery to point to for people who are cautious regarding plastic surgery. Regardless of the reason (cosmetic or surgical necessity), breast surgeries address all sorts of different issues that people may have with their bodies.  Many women with naturally large breasts explore plastic surgery as a means of breast reduction, due to soreness or discomfort resulting from heavier breasts. Additionally, many women who have battled cancer and had to have part or all of their breasts amputated, turn to plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes. Our site, About Plastic Surgery, offers specific and focused information on this topic, explaining different types of breast surgeries, and the specific medical procedures involved in them.

While breast augmentation is often used as a procedure for enlargement, researching some of its other uses can help you to understand the general scope of plastic surgery, and its implications.  Understanding the full scope of the concept and range of procedures may help you to determine your own feelings on the subject.  Some people turn to breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, etc. out of a desire for more youthful and attractive appearances. Others seek to address natural imperfections, or areas affected by sickness or injury. Whatever the case, and whatever your feelings on it, the capability of plastic surgery reaches beyond what you might expect.

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