Like most of the people in the rest of the world, I’m devastated by the aftermath to our human race that the tragic earthquake in Haiti has wrought.  I was watching Anderson Cooper on CNN last night as he was talking with Sanjay Gupta about the night Sanjay had spent after operating on a 12-year old girl (no doctor was available and Gupta was contacted through CNN and flown over to operate) and then watching over 25 critically ill survivors in a make-shift hospital, after the team of Belgian doctors that were there had been ordered to leave due to fears for their safety.   

Their conversation questions how organizations are getting help to Haiti and just not understanding so many of the challenges, when they were able to hop a flight to the Dominican Republic and drive across the border to Haiti.  They don’t talk about the heavy equipment that is needed (and that IS a challenge getting in due to the destruction of the roads), but question why truckloads of antibiotics can’t be easily brought in.  Bottom line is we aren’t there…we’re watching clips from the eyes of the reporter.  But if you haven’t watched this segment, then you should.

Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta talk about bringing commonsense to bringing aid to Haiti.

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