2011…what will it be?

2010 was such a wearying year for so many of us…and bloggers are no exception to losing their steam.  It is always tempting to write something inflammatory, because that gets the discussions rolling (or roiling), but then you have to deal with the aftermath – comments from disgruntled readers, emails that yell at you with all social niceties forgotten – plus my general attitude tends toward optimism often stops me (except when I can write something about Sarah Palin…can’t help myself there).  But I have to admit that, overall, at the end of 2010 and heading into 2011,  I’m dog- tired.

Usually at the start of a new year, I’m filled with optimism and energy and positive thoughts about the goals I’ve set and how I’ll accomplish them in the year ahead.  Since early 2005, I’ve posted consistently, several times a week, to several times a day, depending on how my mood struck me.  For the past few months, it has felt like a bit of a chore to drum up my energies and talk to you about what I find relevant, especially when there are truly tragic events like the school board shooting last month and the Arizona shooting this past week.

It’s no secret that I love talking about branding, rebranding, using social media to good networking effect, and how those of us who are baby boomers and beyond can reshape, rechunk, and reclassify ourselves to find meaningful ways to earn money once we’ve been downsized, resized and made irrelevant in corporate circles.  It shouldn’t be a surpise that I love delving into politics and sustainable energy and there is always lots to talk about there.  But, heck, I’m tired. 

The past few years I’ve actually avoided talking about how a 50 plusser can find work after 50 because it has been really tough.  The monthly labor bureau reports are overwhelmingly bad, making the job market a pessimistic place to hang out unless, as a writer, you like to wallow in doom and gloom. 

This next year is going to be another super tough year for most.  Flat is the new up for most small business owners.  While I see movement at the ground level in my service business (I run a successful pet care services company –I’ve been able to weather the worst of the bad economy and am experiencing growth again, which is great), it is a slow and painful movement upward.  I’m still getting so many emails from you wondering how the heck, after another year of unemployment, to get someone to open the door for you, how to take your existing skills and translate it into money, how to use social media, how to build a business. 

It is challenging as a 50 plusser to muster the energy of a 20 year old to start from zero and move up and it requires using all of one’s ingenuity and skill set to counterbalance for the enthusiastic zeal of youthfulness…if you are like me, then you are tired just reading this.    

I’ve made a few decisions.  The first is that I’m taking a hiatus from the Blogging Boomers Carnival, of which I’ve taken part for the past 3 years.  I’d encourage you to keep reading the efforts of these fine bloggers.  You can catch up with them anytime by going to the Blogging Boomers Category in my archives.

The other decision I’ve made is to keep writing.  I toyed with putting the Gen Plus blog on hold for awhile, which is a tough thing to ponder, since so much of my life is in the thousands of pages I’ve published through the blog.  In fact, it has kind of taken on an organic life of its own.  

I can’t stop writing when we have a massacre like that in Arizona, when so many people are killed and injured on our own soil, and when 2 brave citizens jump on the gunman to stop him, because they know they must.  So my moan-fest is long over.  I’ll continue to say what I think I should, regardless of whether or not you like my perspective.

And as always, I appreciate your emails and comments – they are what keep me motivated when I feel quite alone in the world of blog.

2 thoughts on “2011…what will it be?

  1. During New Year 5711, the first day of Tishrei, generally occuring during Gregorian September, we prayed to be written and sealed in the Book of Life – a year of health and “parnasas”, i.e. livelihood. Perhaps doing that this coming New Year will buoy your “neshama”, i.e. soul.

    Not enough is being written about the attack on one of our national leaders as a hate crime. This is what my parents experienced in Nazi Germany. It begins insidiously, so blog on!

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