Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Phew, has it been a challenging year so far…for so many of us!  Always good to take a pause, and give thanks for what we have.  What am I thankful for?  My family, my great friends, you…my readers, who often send much-appreciated comments and emails, and the good fortune to have a roof over my head.  Every year, we always include a few people at our Thanksgiving table who don’t have a celebration to go to.  Perhaps they are new to LA.  Or they don’t have family here.  Or they are feeling just a bit down and out. 

One of the things I love, as you know, is the web.  Love my blog, love everything social media-related, love, LOVE my email. Today I got a Thanksgiving message from the President.  OK…I know it really wasn’t directly from him, to me…but still.  The email said, Dear Janet.  And it was signed by the POTUS.  Good enough for me!  I’ve never gotten ANY email from ANY president on Thanksgiving before, so I’m really quite thrilled.  Even though HE didn’t press send.  I don’t care.  Likely Obama will be alive when I turn 100 and even though he won’t be president at the time, something tells me I’ll get my 100th birthday wish in email form from him anyway.

Next week, I head to the LA Auto Show to see the new, the great, the renewable energy options and the refinements that the American car industry is bringing to the table.  And I can’t wait.  So, yes…I’m a bit hopped up — enthusiasm back, feeling that all will ultimately end up right in the world. 

Here is my message to you.  It is Thanksgiving.  So give thanks for what you have and for one day, ignore what you have not.  If you know someone who doesn’t have a place at a table, why don’t you see if you can make some room for them at yours?


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to All!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    One of the things I am thankful for is finding your blog. I was so proud to have you spotlight my health care comments some months ago.

    I am thankful that Obama is our President, even though he has not yet been able to have the impact I had hoped for.

    While it has not gotten better, I am thankful that my MS has not gotten worse over the past year. I haven’t been able to walk for the past nine months or so, but I am thankful for all the new research in the pipeline and hopeful I may walk again some day.

    I am unable to work because of MS, but I am thankful to have disability. It currently does not replace the income I had, but it has been a good learning experience to go from spending without thinking that much about it, to getting the most out of every dime.

    I am thankful for my husband, my family, my friends, my four beautiful cats, my house, my computer, and my ability to reach out across cyberspace to people such as yourself.

    All the best,

    Lisa Alkana

  2. Lisa, I love getting your comments — they always make my day. Many people read my posts, very few people take time to comment. I like the way you think and I’m excited every time one of your comments appears — so I’m thankful that cyberspace has brought our like minds together, too! The web doesn’t see disability…isn’t that interesting? You may be unable to walk due to your MS, but you are certainly adding your online footprint every time you stop by to say hello. Happy Thanksgiving and here is hoping that next year will be a bit easier than the one we’ve just gone through.

  3. I ate too much. Seconds on dressing and pumpkin pie. And now Christmas is approaching!!Have you written anything lately on our tendency to put on weight as we age? A lot of us are exercising, but the temptations are still too great. Spending most of the day writing at the computer, I take breaks by going to the refrigerator.

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