Have you got your April Fool’s hat on? Google…um…Topeka does!

If you’ve headed over to your Google page this  morning, you’re in for a fun surprise.  Google has come up with the ultimate April Fool’s joke  (resonating over to Gmail, and likely other google apps.)  Grab your coffee, head over to google and read all about their “new” name…and then do your Topeka search! 

As for me, I’m moving away from looking at career issues and anything relevant to Boomers and 50 Plus.  I’m going to start exploring music of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s (because that is really a great way to attract more readers),  and  strong focus on the sexual inclinations of men in the 18-34 demographic (because that doesn’t attract any traffic at all.)

Happy April Fools.

7 thoughts on “Have you got your April Fool’s hat on? Google…um…Topeka does!

  1. I so agree that the announcement of a Google name change to Topeka has to be an April Fools Day prank…what else? Do they really think it’s time to hang up that totally ubiquitous and unique name that is synonymous with web search? No one will say “let’s Topeka that.”
    And as for focus on the sexual inclinations of the 18-34 set, speaking as a boomer I say, “Ewwwww!” cuz I’ve got three sons in that age category and I certainly want to know LESS about their sexual inclinations, although they seem open to share more than I wanna know anyhoo. Happy April Fools to all us fools.

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