Hey 20-something. Hello 30-something.

Xmas is coming. Chanukah is coming. Kwanza is coming. The holidays are upon us and you are wondering if Dad can bear to get one more tie this year, right? Can Mom handle one more pair of fuzzy slippers, right?

Well, at Gen Plus, we’d like you to do something just a bit different this year.

Find that 50-plus someone in your life, who has:

  • written a book and never seen it properly distributed;
  • created a kitchen doo-hickey, manufactured 2ooo of them and has 1954 left in stock;
  • developed a line of clothing and has limited distribution;
  • makes handmade jewellery;
  • paints inspiring watercolors and would love to sell some of them;
  • has 35 solar-powered whatchamacallits sitting in the garage;
  • knits a mean fluffy scarf

And then point them to us. We are promoting, fostering, pushing, product created and invented by 50-plussers. We’d be proud to support their efforts. So get in touch. We’re happy to talk about how to get their products featured on our site.

Cool present, don’t you think?

Happy Holidays.

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