Hold on!

My mother is a 70 year old vibrant woman – really more of a 60-something in spirit and in ability. However, like many other seniors, if she’s going to head out to the movies on a Saturday night, it will be to the early show — like the 5 pm show — to avoid the crowds. At the particular theater she went to this evening, with a girlfriend, there is a short flight of stairs to be navigated on the way out of the theater.

And as she was holding on to the bannister, tightly, to ensure she didn’t wobble and pitch down to the next landing, she realized that a multitude of seniors were all holding on…right along with her. As she shared this realization with her friend and the two of them started giggling at the sight of all these “seniors hanging onto the bannisters for dear life”, the woman behind her laughed aloud and said, “Holding on??? I’ve got the railing in a death grip! After sitting for two hours, my knees locked and I can barely move.” Well, that got a chorus of laughs.

So here I sit, chuckling, thinking about hundreds of 60 and 70 plussers laughing their way down a flight of stairs, railing in death grip.

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