Hold the Presses

I was delighted to see The Mature Market pick up our recent press release. The more 50 plussers we can reach the better! The piece is in the sidebar or you can click the link to read more.

On another note, those of you who frequent www.Thirdage.com will notice a pretty extreme shift in their target audience. They have tried to broaden their market demographic by going to the 45 plus market. The pictures are generally leaning to the 40-somethings as well as their affiliate partners. Third Age was bought out awhile ago and I wonder where they are going with this. Our company, Gen Plus focuses on 50 plus and even from 50 – 65 and from 65 and beyond there are 2 very distinct and different sets of needs. We focus on 50 – 65, because that is where my passion lies and that is the area where I recognize the heaviest need for advocacy for the health and wellbeing of the Boomer generation.

Going to 45 is a big leap and brings another set of distinct needs and fears. I’m going to keep watching to see how they roll this out.

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